1Click Invoice is a simple and intuitive online invoicing software which helps your business to send quotes, invoices and credit notes to your customers with a few clicks. Create, send and manage your quotes, invoices and credit notes, and keep track of payments, customers and items. Everything is securely stored and accessible. Here is a short description of each section.


The most important informations and links at one place. The total number and amount of paid invoices, credit notes, unpaid invoices, partially paid invoices, overdue invoices. There is a nice chart showing the sales overview for the last 12 months, and a pie chart showing the top 10 customers by sales.


Simple and intuitive user interface for creating and managing your invoices and credit notes. You can search, sort and filter your invoices by status, date range and customer. You can edit, delete, copy, print, save invoice as PDF, send invoice by email, create a credit note against selected invoice, add a payment etc.


Making quotes / estimates is as simple as creating invoices. To create an invoice from a quote, just select the quote and click on "Invoice". A new invoice will be created and all data from the quote will be copied to newly created invoice. You can easily change the quote status (pending, accepted or declined).


You can add, edit and delete your customers. Once a customer is saved in your account, you can create new invoices, quotes and credit notes for that customer in seconds. You can easily check how much each customer owes you, by looking in the column "Total Due".


Save items in your 1Click Invoice account once and use them forever. You can set prices, taxes, discounts, available quantities etc. You can apply two taxes for each item. Every time an invoice is created or modified, a product stock is updated automatically.


This section shows a table containing all payments. You can search, sort, filter, add, edit and delete payments. Payments can also be added from within the "Invoices" section and the "Customers" section. Payments with a negative amount are refunds.


This section offers you many reports to help run your business. Just select the date range and click on desired report (Invoice Report, Tax Summary, Tax Details, Sales by Customer, Customer Balances, Sales by Item etc.)


Easily manage terms, taxes and payment methods, change your company address, upload your logo, set up your base currency, date format, price format, default terms, taxes and payment method etc.


Set up the invoice title, subtitle, numbering system, default terms, shipping method, shipping amount, invoice note etc. If you are located in EU, don't forget to check "Print VAT summary on invoice".


Set up the quote title, subtitle, numbering system, default terms, shipping method, shipping amount, quote note etc.


Set up the credit note numbering system, default terms, note etc. You can use same number sequence as invoices or separate number sequence for credit notes.


You can add users that will use your 1Click Invoice account. The user's status can be admin or staff. Users with "staff" status cannot access the "Settings".